June 18, 2009

Supporting Organizations for the Event

1. Myanmar American Buddhist Association (MABA) <http://www.mettananda.org/>

2. United States Burmese Medical Association (USBMA)

3. Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center <http://saetawwin2.org/>

4. Burmese American Community Outreach (BACO) <http://bacousa.org/>

5. Karen Fellowship <http://www.karenfellowship.org/>

6. Theravada Dhamma Society (TDS) <http://www.tdsg.org/>

7. DC Rhino Soccer Club <http://burmesesoccerclub.org/>

8. Burmese Classic Team <http://burmeseclassic.com/>

9. Mandalay Gazette Newspaper <http://www.mandalaygazette.com/>

10. Kachin Today Group <http://www.kachintodayusa.org/>

11. Waytandayar Foundation <http://waytandayar.org/>

12. Burmese Methodist Fellowship

13. Burmese American Muslim Community

14. Theravada Buddhist Youth Group (TBYG)

15. Myanmar Student Club (MSC) Soccer Team

16. Thee Lay Thee Group <http://www.baymyanmar.com/>

17. Bay Area Burmese Financial Planning Service Society

Burmese American Democratic Alliance (BADA)

19. Shwe Kyaung Thar Doe Ka Tae Pwe Group

20. Myanmar Student Association (SJSU)

21. US Census Bureau <http://www.census.gov/>

22. 2010 US Census Committee for the People of Burma

23. Burmese Christian Fellowship <http://www.bcfla.org/> (Fisherman Music Entertainment Group)

24. Aunty Mary and Group

25. U Sein Hlaing and Tay Than Hlaing Group

Chin Youth Organization/Bay Area California (CYO/BAC)

27. Oakland Burmese Mission Baptist Church (OBMBC)

28. World Arakanese Organization (California)

29. Burmese American Women Alliance (BAWA) <http://www.bawalliance.org/>

30. Sino Burmese Buddhist Association (SBBA)

31. Moemaka Media <http://www.moemaka.com/>

32. Association of Burmese Cab Drivers (ABCD)

33. Refugee Trasitions <http://www.reftrans.org/>

34. Broken Saints Music Band

35. The Encore Music Band

36. Theravada Buddhist Society of America <http://www.tbsa.org/>

37. Burmese American Professional Society (BAPS) <http://www.bapsusa.org/>


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Burmese Food!

Burmese Food!

Paying Respect to Community Elders!

Paying Respect to Community Elders!

Fun Activities!

Fun Activities!

Miss Thingyan Pageant!

Miss Thingyan Pageant!

Traditional Music and Dance!

Traditional Music and Dance!
And You are Cordially invited to our Burmese New Year Thingyan Cultural Festival!

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
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