August 18, 2009

SF Bay Area First Burmese (Myanmar) Community Center Fund Raising and 2010 US Census for Burmese Community Promoting Cultural Concert and Food Fair

AUGUST 9, 2009
Capuchino High School Main Theater, San Bruno, CA 94066

Presented by: Burmese Youth Association (BYA) and SF Bay Area Burmese Community

Please download the PDF file of Community Center Invitation Letter here:
< Center Meeting Invitation and Thank You Letter.pdf>

Miss Popular Winner: Cynthia Myolwin

Miss Kyel Zin Myanmar Second Runner-up Winner: Theint Tharaphy

Miss Kyel Zin Myanmar First Runner-up Winner: Nay Chi Min Tun

Miss Kyel Zin Myanmar Crown Winner: Cynthia Myolwin

Best Selling Food Donor Award Winners: Daw Htway Lay Khine, Kin Kee Aung and April Mya Shwe Myaing (Burmese Methodist Fellowship)

Audience Favorite Entertainment Group Award Winners: Golden Students Performance Group

TOP 5 - Audience Favorite Entertainment Groups (from Audience Votes)

1. 'Bon Gyi Than' - Shwe Kyaung Thar Doe Ka Tae Pwe Group (22%)

2. 'Come to Myanmar' - Theravada Buddhist Youth Group (TBYG) and Dr. Thynn Thynn Lynn (19%)

3. Thai 'Tarikipas' Traditional Fan Dance - Fumiko Nomura and Panida Pratedsena (16%)

4. 'Yone Hloot Kyun Ei Dandaryi' Bagan Dance - Burmese Youth Association (BYA): Myat Soe Mon, Kalayar Htoo, Nant Nandi Kyaw Min, Phyo Sandi Aung and Nyein Yu Win (Jeannie) (12%)

5. 'Tet Pyan Yane' Burmese Boat Dance - Bay Area Golden Burmese Boys: Zayanda, Zarni Tun, Wai Phyo, Nelson, Khin Zaw Htoo, Myo San Htoo, Kenneth Oo and Justin Oo (10%)

(We really want to apologize to Rick Heizman and Ma Su Wai for accidentally missing their 'Mingalar Byaw Nyunt' performance on Ballot sheets and making Audience Favorite Entertainment Group voters confused with someone else.)

TOP 5 - Best Selling Food Donors

1. Daw Htway Lay Khine, Kin Kee Aung and April Mya Shwe Myaing (Burmese Methodist Fellowship) - Noodle Salad ($400)

2. Burmese Muslim Families - Panthay Kaukswel (Samusa Salad) ($388)

3. Ma Mary Chow and Friends - Burmese Tofu Salad, Falooda, Milk Tea, Soda and Drinking Water ($350)

4. DC Rhino Soccer Club - Samusa and Mont Phet Htoke (Burmese Snack) ($300)

5. Ko Aung Win and Ma Sanda Win - Burmese Desserts ($200)
5. Daw Khin Tint Tint and Family - Pazun Khwet Kyaw (Fried Prawns) ($200)


6. Daw Kyu Kyu Linn and Ma Nilar Family Group - Mont Lat Kauk Kyaw (Burmese Fried Rice Donut) ($176)

6. Daw Dorothy Lim and Families - See Kyet Kaukswel (Burmese Garlic Duck Noodle), See Htamin (Yellow Oil Rice), Pae Platha and Kyauk Kyaw Drink ($176)

7. Daw Thae Thae and Friends - Mohinga (Burmese Cafish Chowder) and Ah Kyaw Sone (Burmese Assorted Fries) ($ 171)

8. Ko Than Shwe and Ma Than Than Oo - Ono Kauk Swel, Rakhine Mont Ti, Ar Pu Shar Pu and Nan Gyi Thoke ($150)

9. Ko Cho Oo and Ma Su Su Thein Family - Assorted Fruits ($130)

10. Thet - Nwe - Wat That Dote Htoe & Kyar Zan Kyaw (Burmese sticked pork and fried vermicelli) ($100)

10. Patricia and Family - Shwe Yin Aye (Burmese Cool Drink Dessert) ($100)

11. Ko James - Burmese Fried Squash and Fried Banana ($75)

12. U Tin Kyi and Daw Pye Sone May - Dan Pauk (Chicken Biriani) ($74)

13. Ma Ivy Lim Family - Burmese Rice & Food (Beef Salad, Curry Chicken, Pork & Beef) and Kauk Nhin Htote ($70)

14. Daw Saw Myat Mar and Family - Shan Noodle ($60)

15. Chin Youth Organization/Bay Area California(CYO/BAC) - Chin traditional Foods ($50)

15. Little Yangon Restaurant - Shan Htamin Chin Thoke (Shan Yellow Rice) ($50)

15. U Tun Shwe and Daw Myint Myint Yee Family - Bayar Kyaw and Mandalay Pae Kyaw (Burmese Pea Fries) ($50)

16. Nadeema Jaka - Chicken Kabob Pratha ($36)

17. U Sein Tun and Daw Mabel Tun (World Arakanese Organization and Burmese American Women Alliance-BAWA) - Oiled Brown Peas ($19)

(Total Donations from Food Donors: $3325)

TOP 5 - Miss Populars (
from Audience Votes)

1. Cynthia Myolwin (25%)

2. Nay Chi Min Tun (18%)

3. Theint Tharaphy (16%)

4. Hnin Haymar Myo (10%)

5. Moe Myat (9%)

TOP 5 - Miss Kyel Zin Myanmars (Total Points from Judges)

1. Cynthia Myolwin (87%)

2. Nay Chi Min Tun (78%)

3. Theint Tharaphy (77%)

4. Kathi Win (75%)

4. Chan Mon Min Htin (75%)

Comments from Judges

1. Kathi Win

- Nice Burmese dress presentation.., white and classic....

2. Cynthia Myolwin

- Great Answer.., very eloquent.., very concise and spoke confidently...

3. Htoo Htoo Lu

Nice smile and Burmese dress....

4. Hnin Ookhin

- Great concept in speech.., Inner Beauty definition...

5. Theint Tharaphy

- Nice pink Burmese dress.., Nice walk on the stage....

6. Hnin Haymar Myo

- Did an exceptional job considering her language barrier....

7. Nay Chi Min Tun

- Great ideas expressed in speech.., confidence...

8. Chan Mon Min Htin

- Nice that she acknowledged the others in pageant.., willing to take challenges.., keep up the good work....

9. Moe Myat

- Talked about Thingyan.., Nice smile...

Shwe Kyel Zin Eain Met MCCFR Event Pictures

1. MCCFR Event

Burmese Food Fair

'My Community Dreams' Essay Contest

2. Masters of Ceremony (Jennifer C. Low and Htet Lin Naing)

3. BYA Representatives (Myat Soe Mon and Kyaw Kyaw Soe)

4. Special Guest Speakers (Daly City Council Member David J. Canepa and US Census Bureau Specialists: Ratha Chuon and Jean Gale)

5. 'Come to Myanmar' (TBYG and Thynn Thynn Lynn, MD)

6. 'Karen and Karenni' Ethic Dance (Karen Fellowship)

7. '
Mingalar Byaw Nyunt' (Rick Heizman, Su Wai and Kyaw Thura Htun)

8. 'Tarikipas' Thai Traditional Fan Dance
(Fumiko Nomura and Panida Pratedsena)
Sponsored by - Bangkok Bay Restaurant, Redwood City

9. 'Bon Gyi Than' Burmese country song performance
(by Shwe Kyaung Thar Doe Ka Tae Pwe Group)

10. 'Yone Hloot Kyun Ei Dandaryi' 'The Legend of Bagan' Drama Dance
By: Burmese Youth Association (BYA)

11. Miss Kyel Zin Round One (Burmese Dresses)

Miss Kyel Zin Hosts (Htet Htet Khine and Mindy Khoo)

12. Census Play 'Let's Join Hands Together for US Census 2010'(Zarni Tun, Han Htun, Tin Nandar and Wai Phyo)

13. U Shwe Yoe and Superstar Shwe Oozi (U Sein Hlaing and Tay Than Hlaing Group)

14. Miss Kyel Zin Round Two (Evening Gowns and Talent Questions)

15. 'Hlay Taw Than Tet Pyan Yane' (Burmese Boat Dance)
By Bay Area Golden Burmese Boys

16. 'Kayah Ethnic Dance' Performance
By Aunty Mary and Group
Dancers - Susan, Khin Sandar Aung, May Zin Oo, Grace, Thant Thura, Thant Zarni

17. 'Burmese Kid Poems Reciting'
By Ma Su Myat Than

18. 'Nha Par Twar Ah Ka' (Burmese Duet Dance)
By Zayanda and Lay Naing Ei (from Los Angeles)

19. 'Youth Song'
By Burmese Youth Association (BYA)
Written by: KKS
and BYA

20. Miss Kyel Zin Talent Group Dance

21. The Birth of Buddha Play (Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center)

22. Bay Area 'Shwe Kyel Zin' Anyeint

23. Miss Kyel Zin Winners

24. Farewell 'Song for Unity'

The Event was successfully held thanks to all Community and volunteers!


Burmese Food!

Burmese Food!

Paying Respect to Community Elders!

Paying Respect to Community Elders!

Fun Activities!

Fun Activities!

Miss Thingyan Pageant!

Miss Thingyan Pageant!

Traditional Music and Dance!

Traditional Music and Dance!
And You are Cordially invited to our Burmese New Year Thingyan Cultural Festival!

2012 Thingyan Footages! By Eagle and Shwe Videos

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
SF Bay Area Burmese (Myanmar) Community Center Initiative Mission Statement